A car dealership robbery was thwarted at McGrath Acura in Libertyville after business hit hours earlier

CHICAGO (WLS) — A burglary was thwarted at McGrath Acura in Libertyville after the business was hit hours earlier. Police said several cars and dozens of key fobs were stolen from McGrath on Sunday.

Similar crimes occur in the city and in other suburbs. The video shows how the next burglary attempt was likely averted.

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“The white Audi just turned left on this side street… and it looks like it’s turning into another street, I think it’s passing by,” says an off-duty police officer and who works as a security officer for P4 Security Solutions. heard on the video.

P4 were called in by dealership owner Dave McGrath in case the key fobs stolen on Sunday were used to try to take more cars overnight.

“Between 12 and 12:30 p.m. that night, our off-duty officer observed a white Audi with five people driving near the dealership at a very slow pace,” said P4 Security Solutions Exec. Vice President Steve Vitale.

Also heard on video recorded in the P4 security vehicle, “911, where are you? Hi, I’m an off duty police officer working at the Acura dealership in Libertyville on route 21, can you leave units in the region know that a white Audi sedan, they come back… they activate the key fob.”

“Our officer was able to take a look at the license plate and call it to the police in real time,” Vitale said. “His job was to protect the people and property of this dealership. It wasn’t a case of chasing them or not engaging them. The job was to get the information or pass it on to the police department, so that the police can actually go and hire these people.”

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In a statement to the I-Team, McGrath says he appreciates the support they have received from both P4 and Libertyville PD.

Some have criticized the upsurge in businesses and neighborhoods hiring private security guards. P4 said they weren’t supposed to take the place of the police.

“Security should be a deterrent. We want to prevent crime,” said Paul Ohm, P4 Security Solutions Exec. Vice President. “That’s what we’re really here for.”

Libertyville police said one of the stolen cars was found in good condition in Lake County. No arrests were made.

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