Car sales on the rise, two-wheelers still waiting for renewed demand | Indore News

Indore: Pent-up demand boosted passenger car sales in the city in May despite long waits amid supply shortages from manufacturers, although demand for two-wheelers has not picked up much.
May car sales in Indore are estimated at around 3,000 units across various models, compared to average monthly sales of around 2,500 to 2,700 units, according to car showroom dealers.
Most passenger car bookings are in the mid-range segment between Rs 6 and Rs 20 lakh, according to dealers.
Vishal Pamnani, a car dealer, said: “Consumer demand after the pandemic has improved a lot and that has taken car sales to around 3,000 in May. The waiting period is there, but supplies have gradually improved, which also promotes sales. »
Amid limited vehicle supply from manufacturers and strong consumer demand, most dealerships are running out of inventory. The average waiting period in passenger cars is around 2-6 months.
Dealers said that unlike the usual practice of holding stock for about a month, most dealers operate on 8-10 days of stock.
Dealers expect a further increase in car sales during the upcoming festival season starting with Rakshabandhan in August.
However, two-wheeler sales failed to recover and surpass pre-pandemic levels due to escalating fuel costs and high fuel prices.
Aditya Kasliwal, Vice President of the Indore Motor Dealers Association, said: “Car sales have improved due to pent up demand. People don’t mind long waiting times due to high demand, but two-wheeler sales haven’t picked up due to multiple factors including high fuel cost and escalating fuel prices. one model to another.
Sales of two-wheelers in the city fell to nearly 6,000 a month from 8,000 a month earlier. TNN