Car sales staff make or break a dealership

Employing friendly, knowledgeable and honest staff is the most effective thing a dealership can do to win over customers.

The 2022 Driver Power Dealership Survey showed that while dealerships focus heavily on process, high-quality premises and building compelling offerings, it’s the people they employ that make the biggest difference.

The survey asked drivers for feedback on the dealerships they bought their cars from, asking about both retail and aftermarket. Areas covered included exhibit and shop facilities, staff courtesy and communication, closing deals, manufacturing quality and more.

This independent research allows motorists to give honest opinions about their experiences, knowing that brands will take notice and see where they did well, as well as where they need to improve.

Although standards are found to be high across the board in this year’s survey, the main finding is that the qualities of sales staff are more closely related to overall performance than any other factor.

Steve Fowler, Editor of Auto Express, commented: “The old adage that people buy from people is proven again by our findings on the importance customers place on sales staff they value and whom they trust.

“This latest in-depth analysis from Driver Power suggests that there are no bad brands, with very little separation of customer ratings of quality across a wide range of factors. But the close relationship between staff ratings sales and eventual brand rankings suggests that people, rather than process or even price, remain the superpower of the most successful franchise dealerships.

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