Car Sales Will Be Primarily Online By 2030, Dealing With Car Dealerships

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 2:04 PM

UK car production in 2021 is the lowest since 1956.

UK auto executives believe cars will be predominantly sold online by 2030, with electric vehicles (EVs) accounting for between 70-100% of new vehicle sales in Western Europe.

Data from KPMG’s Automotive Executive Survey found that 59% of 1,118 executives surveyed believe online sales will become the norm by the end of the decade, with figures rising to 78 % when talking to bosses globally.

The majority of executives are also quite positive about the growth of the industry, with 53% feeling confident.

Although more than 50 percent of respondents feel very concerned about supply shortages, the survey results revealed widespread optimism within the industry.

“It’s encouraging to see such widespread optimism about the auto industry’s growth prospects, but seldom automakers have faced such a range of technological and business changes since the dawn of the auto industry ago. 130 years,” said the global head of KMPG. automobile Gary Silberg.

“There are pressing questions leaders need to answer right now, including have they learned recent lessons to build more resilient supply chains and address labor shortages.”

About three-quarters expect automakers to bypass dealerships, selling around 40% of new vehicles directly to consumers, while 77% expect electric vehicles to be widespread by 2030, even without government subsidies.

“While supply chain and other cost challenges continue to be a concern, the global automotive industry remains optimistic, in large part due to the innovation delivered today and in the years to come. “, said KMPG’s automotive manager, Richard Peberdy.

“Industry leaders are excited about the prospects for electric vehicles, but are clear that charging infrastructure needs to keep pace.”