City Council plans to free up street segment for car dealership – Pasadena Now

The Pasadena City Council will consider a recommendation from the Department of Public Works on Monday to vacate a segment of Nina Street, from the intersection of Sunnyslope Avenue to the eastern terminus of Nina Street, to accommodate a request of the Rusnak Porsche automotive company to develop its property and construct new sales, rental, service and automotive parts buildings with a paved parking lot.

A street ‘vacancy’ means that the public abandons or ‘leaves’ the public interest in a property. After a street or lane is cleared, the public no longer has the right to use the property to access it.

Rusnak Daimler Chrysler Center Inc. owns all abutting properties along both sides of the street segment and is the developer of the proposed development. It is the applicant for the vacation on the street, said the Ministry of Public Works.

A report on the agenda for Monday’s city council meeting showed the public works department recommending that a resolution to clear Nina Street from Sunnyslope Avenue at the east end — a dead end — be adopted after a public hearing scheduled for August 15. collect public input and comments.

The Department also recommends that the City Clerk issue a Notice of Hearing to the public, in accordance with the Street and Highways Code.

The agenda report showed that the existing roadway configuration does not conform to the standard design of a cul-de-sac. On the one hand, it does not provide sufficient turning space for public, emergency and maintenance vehicles and is therefore substandard for motorists.

“Staff have determined that there is no need, present or future, to retain the street segment in question for its intended public use, and that its vacancies will have no adverse impact on the city’s transportation system. “, says the report. “Relinquishing all rights to the proposed resort area will release the City from future maintenance responsibilities and any liabilities associated with the vacated area.”

The segment proposed to be vacated is approximately 60 feet wide, including a 10-foot-wide sidewalk on each side, and extends from Sunnyslope Ave. about 276 feet to the east. It is located one block north of Colorado Blvd. The street ends abruptly at the eastern end and provides access to adjoining properties.

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