Colorado-based car dealership adds location in Rio Rancho

  • The Rio Rancho dealership will be at 4537 Arrowhead Ridge Drive
    Dealer plans to expand to Albuquerque

Drive N Motion takes great pride in ensuring that every vehicle in its inventory is a worthwhile investment.

Drive N Motion, a Colorado-based used car dealership, is adding a Rio Rancho location at 4537 Arrowhead Ridge Drive. (Matt Hollinshead/Observer)

The Colorado-based used-car dealership has a number of strict factors it must meet to sell a vehicle, from year and mileage to longevity of engine transmissions and various safety features.

The end goal is simple: total reliability. That’s what the company is looking to bring to the region with its next location in Rio Rancho, which is set to open around June 1.

“We’re looking at that as much as possible,” said Brian Neeley, president of Drive N Motion. “There is a very detailed process where we look at the vehicles we buy and what we offer our customers… At a glance, we offer everything. We focus on what we know to be the most reliable.

Drive N Motion is for those who need a reliable vehicle without having to break the bank to simply drive one around the terrain. Drive N Motion already has Colorado locations in Thornton, Englewood, Greeley and Colorado Springs. The Rio Rancho dealership will be at 4537 Arrowhead Ridge Drive.

“Having over 600 vehicles in inventory across two states allows us to offer them a much larger platform than most independent used dealerships have to offer. The resources we have allow us to go out there and find the vehicles our customers tell us they need the most,” said Neeley.

Drive N Motion, which also offers car maintenance for things like oil changes, prioritizes warranty protection and auto service until a customer is ready to trade in that vehicle. if he wishes. Automotive services include over 70 items that are assessed during inspections, from cosmetics and frames to mechanics.

“We’re getting through it as best we can,” Neeley said. “If it’s recommended that it’s at the point of its life, then we’ll replace it… If we have a car that someone wants to buy that we haven’t touched in our shop yet, we disclose it to them.”

The dealer also works with all types of credit to negotiate a deal, even getting creative with how to work within their set budget.

“We do our best to make sure you can bring home a vehicle that you may not necessarily want, but need, based on the parameters you give us,” Neeley said. “We start payments as low as $200 a month…Typically we’re in that sweet spot of around $300 to $450 a month where we give customers longer term options that help them with rates lower interest when their credit allows them to.”

Drive N Motion works with 60 different lending networks in Colorado. Neeley, who has done business in New Mexico on and off for the past 20 years, expects to start with at least 20 loan networks in the Land of Enchantment.

“New Mexico is on our horizon… We like the demographics (in Rio Rancho), the median income. The customer base we market matches our culture and the product we offer from a sales and service perspective,” said Neeley, adding that the visibility of the site on NM 528 was also considered in the installation of a store in Rio Rancho.

Drive N Motion will likely add another location in the Albuquerque metro area over the next 12 to 18 months, Neeley said.