Dozens of victims come forward after investigation into Indy car dealership

INDIANAPOLIS — A WRTV investigation of a local car dealership has prompted nearly four dozen additional victims to come forward.

KBB Auto Sales is accused of deceiving customers by selling vehicles whose odometers have rolled back thousands of miles.

The investigation began with one victim and now Indiana State Police Detective Brandon Farias tells WRTV that 46 other dealership victims have reached out.

WRTV’s Kelsey Anderson has spoken with the victims daily since first reporting on March 16. Eight of those victims filed lawsuits in Perry Township Small Claims Court.

While waiting for the end of the investigation, all the victims are forced to pay the bill for a car which they believe is not the one for which they signed the papers.

WRTV spoke with Tim Hardwick on March 16. Hardwick was expecting a $9,500 refund after purchasing a vehicle from KBB Auto Sales in Indianapolis. More than a month later, he is still waiting.

It was Hardwick’s case that alerted state police to the issue and led dozens of other victims to come forward.

Dyquisha Lacy was another victim who spoke with WRTV in mid-March. She bought a car for $7,000 and within a week of buying it the car broke down on the highway.

She called Farias and discovered that alongside the car being a “lemon”, its odometer had also been set back almost 70,000 miles.

Lacy is still waiting for her refund, as is Alicia Akins, who discovered her odometer had been canceled by Farias. But when Akins filed his lawsuit in small claims court against the dealership, they repossessed his car. This same vehicle has since been sold to another consumer.

These three victims who spoke to WRTV filed a case in small claims court.

Hardwick is due in court on Thursday, Akins is due May 25 and Lacy was in court on Tuesday.

We will continue to update their stories as their cases progress through the court system.