Generosity is in the blood of the Cork car dealership

In addition to its incredible mission, what sets Blood Bike South apart is the group of motorcycle enthusiasts who constitute the voluntary strength of the association. Together, this biker group has become a vital resource in the south of Ireland, providing free out-of-hours service to public hospitals and clinics in the region, including the transport of essential medical equipment.

However, in addition to sacrificing their time, the team also has to give up their beloved bikes when traveling around the city and county of Cork on days with more difficult weather conditions. It was Ritchie Daly, Senior Sales Manager at Blackwater Motors Volkswagen, who saw the need for a vehicle for the charity in case the weather was too bad for their bikes to be on the road to perform d important essential deliveries.

Ritchie, who has been volunteering with Blood Bikes South since 2016, approached his colleagues at Blackwater Motors a year later to see if they could provide a vehicle and so began the relationship between Blackwater Motors Volkswagen and Blood Bike South.

This week marks the fifth year of this relationship, which has gone from strength to strength ever since. As a testament to the positive nature of their partnership, the dealer has regularly donated Volkswagen polo shirts to Blood Bikes South.

The latest Volkswagen Polo handover, however, was a very special occasion, as it coincided with the first day of plate 222. On Friday July 1, Mark Farson, Managing Director of Blackwater Motors Volkswagen (Forge Hill) handed Billy Cahill , treasurer of Blood Bike South, the keys to the new model.

Speaking during the presentation, Mark Farson said; “We are delighted and very proud to continue our support of Blood Bikes South. The work done by all the volunteers is invaluable to our community, and providing this reliable and efficient vehicle means that Blood Bikes South will continue to deliver, whatever the weather.

Blood Bike South services are provided by local volunteers, who participate in advanced training and undergo regular skills assessments. Volunteers devote their time, effort and energy to serving their communities and hospitals.

The charity relies heavily on the support of local communities and businesses to help pay for running costs such as insurance and petrol. To donate to Blood Bikes South or to volunteer, email [email protected]