Guy who laundered money through his car dealership to lose £1.14million in assets

A Yorkshireman who laundered dirty money through his used car dealership has agreed to forfeit £1.14million in assets in a case brought by the National Crime Agency.

In its High Court case, the National Crime Agency (NCA) alleged that Peter Grubisic, 59, from Ilkley, had been involved in serious crimes since the 1990s, including importing and supplying drugs, money laundering, fraud and tax evasion. .

The NCA claimed that Grubisic used his car dealership and real estate development businesses to launder the proceeds of his illegal driving, and that his reported earnings were not enough to fund his real estate purchases and luxurious lifestyle, which included several business class flights to South America.

Following a civil and tax investigation into its acquisition of 10 properties, Grubisic agreed to confiscate £1.14 million in assets, including five rental properties in the UK; a luxury property in Spain; a property with a development opportunity for eight dwellings; and £249,241 in cash held in a bank account.

It was further alleged that Grubisic had links to serious organized criminals in the UK and overseas, including in the Netherlands and Spain.

Rob Burgess, Civil Recovery Manager at the NCA, said: “Removing the proceeds of crime from individuals such as Grubsic can have a significant impact on the region.

“Through this work, we have sent a clear message to the community that no one is above the law, while simultaneously removing their ability to profit from the proceeds of crime.”