Increase in new car sales expected at Easter

On Wednesday, Capital Connect released the Easter 2022 Retail Study.

He predicts auto dealerships will score big in April and May.

“Sales of new vehicles and auto parts will peak positive for the upcoming Easter trade,” said Cash Connect chief marketing officer Sumay Dippenaar.

Other sectors that can expect an increase in trade during the period include the clothing and textile industry as well as food.

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Dippennar says food normally takes center stage during this time due to the nature of the holidays.

“But for Easter, consumers tend to opt for less expensive items like end-of-season products like cakes, linens and clothes. Because Easter is known as a time to spend with family and friends, consumers are buying more sweets for parties and celebrations than usual, such as confectionery and alcoholic beverages.

This year’s Easter period is also expected to last for more than a month as retailers hope to maximize profits.

“The expectation for 2022 is that the real Easter season will not be limited to the Easter weekend. It has already started since March 15 and will continue until April 20. It is important to know that retailers will extend the Easter season with promotions and specials for as long as they can, so we can expect the Easter trade to last until the end of April,” adds Dippenaar.