Meet the 35 rising stars of the electric car industry in 2022

  • The electric vehicle industry is full of budding talent eager to help companies outperform Tesla.
  • Insider collected nominations for rising stars in the industry and chose 35 of them.
  • Applicants had to be 35 or younger at the end of March to be eligible.

As the world of electric vehicles heats up, it’s not just about the cars themselves anymore. Cars are essential, but charging infrastructure, batteries, supply chains, fleet management, etc. make space complex – and require incredible skill to move the needle.

As the auto industry invests $515 billion in electrification by 2030, according to a recent Reuters analysis, it takes young talent capable of guiding it through the critical stages of the transition. This means talents capable of developing automotive technologies, reinventing decades-old manufacturing processes and creating charging products and services.

Insider reviewed nominations from across the electric vehicle industry, narrowing the pool to those 35 or younger at the end of March. (Some selectees may have turned 36 before publication.) From more than 150 nominations, we selected 35 young professionals as most likely to advance in their industry and move it forward.

They are the rising stars of the electric vehicle industry.

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Insider will be accepting nominations for players in the electric vehicle industry in the coming weeks.