Murder at car dealership: Weapon allegedly used in fatal assault on boy still at scene 2 weeks later

The golf club head found in the car dealership’s yard.

PHOTO: Alfonso Nqunjana, News24

  • A weapon believed to have been used in the murder of a boy by car dealership De Deur was left at the scene despite the arrest of the suspected killer.
  • Sibusiso Maqwaza, 9, and Ryan Ivor, 12, were seriously assaulted, allegedly by dealership owner Bilal Ismail.
  • Police say when officers combed through the scene following the incident, the golf club head was not found.

A weapon believed to have been used in the assault on two young Gauteng boys at a car dealership in De Deur, resulting in the death of one of them, was still at the scene two weeks after the incident.

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As police attended the scene to investigate after 9-year-old Sibusiso Maqwaza and 12-year-old Ryan Ivor were assaulted allegedly by dealership owner Bilal Ismail, a golf club manager who was allegedly used in the attack was still there two weeks later when News24 visited the scene. .

Ismail, 39 – owner of Raltar Motor Dealer – was arrested for allegedly assaulting the two boys and killing Ryan in the process. Sibusiso was seriously injured. Bilal faces murder and attempted murder charges, and the indictment says a golf club was used in the attack.

The indictment stated:

The accused unlawfully and intentionally attempted to kill Sibusiso Maqwaza, a 9-year-old boy, by hitting him with open hands, kicking him with boots and hitting him with a golf club.

Ismail and his employees allegedly believed the two boys helped a gang steal two Toyota Quantum vehicles on the day of the incident. The boys were believed to have been tied up, brutally beaten and dumped in a landfill.

When News24 visited the dealership last week, workers who were busy cleaning it up after the owner evicted Bilal after his arrest, the golf club manager pointed out. It was on the floor and the workers alleged that it was the one used to assault the two boys.

Golf club head found in car dealership yard

The golf club head found in the yard of the De Deur car dealership. The workers alleged that he was used to assault Ryan and Sibusiso.

News24 Alfonso Nqunjana, News24

News24 has contacted Gauteng Police spokesman Colonel Dimakatso Sello to find out why the alleged murder weapon was not bagged as evidence.

Sello said:

On March 27 and 28, 2022, when the scene was raked and cleared, the alleged golf head stick was not found. You are therefore requested to urge the alleged witnesses who [pointed out] the stick to contact the investigating officer in order to carry out the appropriate investigations.

Bilal appeared in Vereeniging District Court on Friday for murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. His family members, who were surrounded by armed guards, declined to speak to News24.

He was due back in court on Wednesday after asking to change lawyers.

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