BRISBANE, Australia – March 14, 2022 – ( If a person knows what they want and what it should cost, they’re halfway there – but that’s not true for everything. Almost everyone has struggled with the decades-old question of choosing between buying a new car and a used one. WhichRead More →

Car dealerships tell daily news rising gasoline prices have not affected their sales at this stage. Despite record gasoline prices, people have yet to start trading in their gas guzzlers. Local dealers said there are many other things affecting the market right now and they don’t expect gas prices toRead More →

New car sales in February were up 15% from a year ago, although registrations are still a quarter below pre-pandemic levels as semiconductor shortages continue to escalate. strangle vehicle production and availability. A total of 58,994 new cars hit UK roads last month, up 7,682 from February 2021 – despiteRead More →

YesYou are ready to sign the contract for your new car. Then the finance manager tells you that you need to purchase an extended warranty. You want the car, but you’re wondering, “Can a car dealership really do that?” Yes, they can. Such conditions imposed by car dealerships – sometimesRead More →

When it comes to selling, I’m usually on the side of sellers, because they don’t care much. Some of the nicest people I’ve met are in sales. They are positive, optimistic and genuinely care about their customers. That being said, there are selling styles that are, frankly, obnoxious and designedRead More →

New competition: CARS24 has launched in regional Victoria, aiming to change the way locals buy cars. Photo by contribution Since the beginning of the month, residents of the Victoria area can access CARS24, a completely online used car shopping website. The plan is to provide regional consumers with the sameRead More →

Car lots seem a little emptier these days, just ask John Koerner. “We used to stock 1,300 to 1,500 new units in the field every day,” said Koerner, executive general manager of Healey Brothers dealerships. “Today, across our 11 brands, we use approximately 200 vehicles in the field day off.”Read More →

Dealer Rater is an independent automotive dealership rating service. The service presented Trust Auto with the “Consumer Satisfaction” award in 2021. The award showcases the company’s dedication to ensuring its customers are satisfied. Maryland, USA – February 9, 2022 — The “Consumer Satisfaction” award proves that Trust Auto provides aRead More →

Used car sales set a new record of 40.9 million vehicles in 2021. Unmet demand for new vehicles due to unavailability has forced many new-vehicle buyers to gobble up late-model used vehicles in 2021, setting a new sales record at 40.9 million vehicles. The total marks a 10% jump fromRead More →

HIGH EARTH, Ind. (WTHI) – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global shortage of microchips that has severely affected local car dealerships. New cars require over 1,000 microchips to function properly. Without this key element, cars cannot run. Persistent shipping delays have also resulted in a low supply of cars.Read More →