The king of car sales, Kenny, brakes

It was time for a well-deserved retirement for an award-winning local car salesman.

Kenny Gunn prepares to retire with knitting supplies.

Kenny Gunn, from Portgordon, recently hung up his keys in his role as sales manager at Honda dealership Ewen’s in Cornhill.

It ends a career in car sales that spanned more than four decades at Northeastern dealerships.

Reflecting on his career, Mr Gunn said: “In May 1981, almost 41 years ago, I started selling cars after being trained as an auto mechanic by Dougie Forbes.

“When I was a mechanic I used to help my dad, Jimmy, who was a driving instructor, fix his car. I had all the parts to service his Ford Escorts and Rover Metros and worked until ‘in the wee hours after finishing at 10 p.m. to make sure the cars were in top condition for his students.

“I sold MG/Rover cars at Archibald Motors in Buckie for over 12 years before moving to Falcon Motors in Elgin for a year before it was taken over by Alan Milne.

Kenny shows new August registrations in August 1984 at Archibald Motors in Buckie.
Kenny shows new August registrations in August 1984 at Archibald Motors in Buckie.

“I worked there for almost four years.

“After that I worked at Ewen’s of Cornhill selling MG/Rover and then Honda cars, which I have done for the past 24 years.

“I have been delighted to work at these dealerships and am proud to have been involved with the award-winning Ewen’s national sales and customer service team. We have been the top Honda dealership in the UK for three years and the northern region for seven years.

“Having dealt with generations of families, it has been very gratifying to have provided them with excellent repeat sales and most importantly, the support to retain customers. It has been a privilege to serve them for so long.”

Delivery of a new Rover on August 1, 1984 at Archibald.
Delivery of a new Rover on August 1, 1984 at Archibald.

However, now is the time for Mr. Gunn to take the pedal off the metal a bit and enjoy the lift at a slower pace. Indeed, as part of their parting gifts, Ewen’s former colleagues cheekily included two balls of yarn and knitting needles to help keep him busy during his retirement.

However, it is unlikely that their services will be required.

Mr Gunn added: “At 63, I’m on the verge of becoming a grandfather and Vanessa a grandmother – we can’t wait to move from a set of four wheels to a calmer pram which is more respectful of the environment and which hopefully will make us fitter too.

“Always with more time available, I hope to focus on my passion for the Portgordon fireworks which we had to put on the back burner for two years and hope that the fireworks event will definitely be in the tunes for 2022.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank customers, colleagues, family and friends for their valuable support, great cards, gifts, social media comments.”

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