West Wales car dealership to double in size

Dafen-based Llanelli Motor Company has opened a new development which will see its forecourt double in size over the next few months.

Led by Managing Director Ian Jonathan, the two-phase project will see the independent car dealership increase the number of used vehicles it has on sale to more than 400 by January 2023.

Ian commented,

It’s certainly an exciting time for the company, and with the significant changes in the used car market, we thought it was a good time to start the project, which has been in the pipeline for over five years. year.

Although the company was potentially looking at 2020 as the start date for developments, the coronavirus pandemic has put the project on hold.

However, since the easing of lockdown restrictions and the delay in getting new vehicles, the used car market has seen an unprecedented surge in demand.

Ian continued,

The last 12 months have been exceptionally busy.

No sooner have we finalized our 140-point security check on the vehicles before placing them on the forecourt, than they are purchased within a few days.

With the ability to store 150 near-new vehicles of all makes and models at this time, the 1-acre expansion will increase that number to 250 by September before doubling it to 400 by spring 2023.

In order to facilitate this growth, the company will also enter a recruitment phase and will seek to hire at least 10 new employees in its sales, workshop and administrative teams, as well as to accept new apprentices.