Why Your Auto Dealership Needs to Build a Strong First-Party Data Strategy

Car dealerships and marketers need to develop their understanding of first-party data once third-party cookies are abandoned. Today on Inside Automotive, we continue our conversation on the importance of first-party data with Colin Carrasquillo, Head of Digital Marketing for Nielsen Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

It can be difficult to decipher what the move from first-party to third-party digital data will have on the operations and marketing that dealerships use to attract consumers. Put simply, the cookies your dealership uses to collect customer data will be gone by 2023. This means dealerships will need to learn about the new tools available to them.

Carrasquillo explains that dealerships need to clean and segment their current data. Train your sales force to get as many customer data touchpoints as possible. You can describe it as well as you want to customers, but try to get as much out of it as possible. Then separate the data into groups that make sense to you. Carrasquillo explains that marketing campaigns can be tailored and targeted to specific groups of customers through first-party data management.

Auto dealerships also need to implement a data strategy that aligns with their vendors. How these strategies interact with each other will be crucial to their success, and that comes down to accountability. Carrasquillo says dealers should ask themselves—how do we work together to make our partnership a success?

Google Analytics 4 seeks to revolutionize the interactions between businesses and customers and help dealerships know their customers better than ever before. Carrasquillo advises all resellers to download GA4 immediately and start understanding how it works.

Data from Google Analytics 4 is set to revolutionize marketing and change the way data is used. Since cookies will be a thing of the past, all kinds of businesses will have to change, and Carrasquillo believes that using Google Analytics 4 will further optimize and drive sales in the industry.

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